Our philosophy

We know the body is a mass driven by energy. If these energies aren’t in balance and harmony, they have a detrimental effect on one’s breathing, muscle tension and overall wellbeing. Long-term imbalances may lead to pains and various issues in the human body. That’s why we don’t focus merely on local muscle contractions but approach each human as a whole, inside the psychosomatic context.
In SPINEZIO, we specialize in ambulatory physiotherapy of children, adults and active people or sportsmen. Our typical clients suffer from back pains – of the spine and various muscles or joints of the human body. Our care for children and babies is based on timely examinations and ensuring their proper psychomotor development, which is crucial for proper body posture in late childhood and adulthood. With recreational or professional sportsmen we make sure their muscles and joints aren’t being overloaded and that they take pleasure in movement.

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Our physiotherapeutic care for the body is enriched by taking into account the energies that affect the human body (tension, breathing, relaxation etc.). This makes our approach unique. Our philosophy and care are based on a highly professional and human approach, and our care for SPINEZIO clients is very individual. Based on our experience we know that proper help requires sufficient time, and we always devote enough time for each client. We also know that a targeted active cooperation of the physiotherapist and the patient helps more than applying magnets and electrodes.


Who will care for you in SPINEZIO

Mgr. Petr Zahradník, Ph.D.


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Mgr. Radek Petrů


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Mgr. Ondřej Dinda


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Ing. Zuzana Matečná


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Mgr. Markéta Pilátová


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Proper psychomotor development of a baby

The development in the first year of human life is essential for the function of muscles, and for the posture and shape of the body and the spine in later years. We focus on discovering any irregularities and their timely removal by exercise. The ideal time for an examination of a baby is between the 4th and 6th week of his or her life. There are several developmental milestones and it’s important to make sure they proceed in the highest quality possible. The first is the period of the first three months of the life during which the baby needs to become stable in space and be able to rest on its forearms while lying on the belly. In the period of the sixth month, the baby turns from the back to the belly and rises to lean on stretched arms. Around the eighth month, the baby gradually rises to crawl on hands and knees. Crawling is the most important thing here. After the tenth month, the baby rises to the vertical position, first walking while leaning on furniture and later walking without help.

Improper body posture

If there have been developmental irregularities for any reason (suboptimal development in infancy, lack of movement, excessive load etc.), an essential solution for their correction is targeted physiotherapy which helps to fix incorrect movement stereotypes. An incorrect function of the muscular system has a detrimental effect on the formation of the body posture and spinal posture. A proper active approach, based on individually targeted exercises, improves the development of the position of muscles, joints and spine, in order to minimize pain and wear of the organism in the future.

Compensation of overexertion caused by sports

If children are taught to have an active lifestyle or tend to do sports often, this can result in overexertion due to suboptimal load and adopted movement stereotypes. This often happens during performance sports or asymmetrical loads. Using physiotherapy and regular targeted compensating exercises, we are able to significantly reduce or even stop overexertion.


Acute pain

Most of us spend our lives in a certain amount of stress. Stress and low movement activity lead to higher tension of muscles, which can react to overexertion by pain. We use targeted techniques to loosen contracted parts, unblock joints and quickly relieve from pain.

Chronic issues

The human body has an incredible capacity to compensate and can overcome extraordinary loads. This holds true even for the muscular system. However, if overexertion is neglected for a long time, the resulting issues can accumulate, which leads to a longer time of recuperation. In our experience, it’s important to find a long-term solution in cooperation between the physiotherapist and the client.

After-injury and after-surgery care

We also work with clients who have had injuries or surgeries, helping them to return to normal life, work and their families without any limiting issues.

Active people and sportsmen

Active people and sportsmen

Exercise and sports may sometimes have their drawbacks, especially in case of performance or even professional sports. In such circumstances, it is relatively easy to overexert oneself, which can lead to pains in the most stressed parts of the body. We have experience working with peak sportsmen, and we know how to provide effective and successful individual care to anyone who tends to exercise and sport a lot.

Intensive physiotherapy

We know that pains of the muscular system are the result of long-term overexertion of the human body. In order for the body to start healing by itself, it’s important to establish regular targeted cooperation with the clients. This means establishing an intensive physiotherapeutic plan to kick-start the self-healing and regenerative mechanisms of the human body.

Seminars / cooperation

Workshops about the body, overexertion, energy, stress and their solutions

Stress and muscular tensions have a large effect on how we feel and whether we suffer from any pains. We organize workshops not only for businesses but for everyone who’s interested to learn more about pain, tension, breathing, movement and stress in the context of the human body. These workshops are 3-6 hours long sessions during which the participants learn how the human body works, why it sometimes hurts and how can stress affect the human organism. A large part of the workshop consists of practical exercises with one’s own body. This teaches the participants to help themselves and avoid the need for doctors and physiotherapists.

This workshop is intended for:

  • People working in psychically demanding positions
    (managers, businessmen, leadership, self-employed, consultants...).
  • Busy people and parents.
  • Everyone who experiences pain or is under pressure of stressful situations, both at work and home, and would like to change this.

What will you learn during the workshop:

    • How to tell signs of overexertion – blocked backs, contracted muscles, pains etc.
    • How the human body works and why upright body posture is beneficial for the spine.
    • To use special body exercises to reduce tension and improve the comfort of your body.
    • How can overexertion of the spine affect the whole body.
    • How can we help ourselves and how to prevent pain.
    • How to feel deep stabilization muscles, which are essential for a good state of the spine and for painless movement – practical exercises.
    • Feeling the connection of breathing, body and the mind – understanding the „story“ of pains and diseases.

Physiotherapy in businesses

According to statistics, every third sick leave is caused by the employee's back pain. We provide care for your employees, in the form of employment benefits. Your people won't suffer from pains of their muscular system and will feel more satisfied both at work and in their personal life.
Benefits for your employees and your company:

      • Quick relief from pain:
        • - of the head and neck spine
        • - of the chest spine, shoulder joints and shoulder blades
        • - of the lower back and other joints
      • More satisfied employees.
      • Operational and economical benefits of fewer sick leaves.
      • Faster return of sick employees back to work.

We offer physiotherapy as a service for businesses in our office in Karlín, Prague or directly in your business.

Cooperation with sports clubs

We have experience working with professional and performance sportsmen who use their body in a highly stressfully and overexerting way. Such a body is under high pressure and requires special care in terms of compensation and prevention. In SPINEZIO, we focus on complex physiotherapeutic care for people doing sports on all performance levels.


In SPINEZIO we provide relaxing massages focused on releasing tired and overstrained muscles and on overall psychic relaxation.

It is recommended to skip heavy meals before the massage and to avoid any alcohol. The massage is not suitable if you have acute health problems (fever, antibiotics…) or if you have just underwent a surgery.

After the massage, it is recommended to limit physical activity so that your body can fully regenerate, and to provide a sufficient supply of fluids.

Relaxing 60/90 minutes

The relaxing massage is based on a classic Swedish massage, complemented by other gentle massage techniques. It is suitable for everyone who needs to regenerate after exhausting days.

The massage is tailored to your needs and focuses either on areas of your wish or on the most overloaded parts of the body (back, back of the neck, shoulders, legs..). The massage is complemented by the aromatherapeutic effects of essential oils, which you can choose before the massage begins..

Head massage (60 minutes)

The head massage is mainly an anti-stress massage, also suitable as a prevention against headaches, migraines included. These massage techniques focuse on the head area, including the face and the jaw, as well as the neck, nape, and trapezius. The massage is complemented by the aromatherapeutic effects of essential oils.


Contact us

By the tram to Urxova stop. By the metro to Křižíkova station (5 minutes walk to the Spinezio). By car, parking in front of the Spinezio (2 "supply" parking spots that are excluded from the parking zone system). There are "purple" parking zones in the streets of Petra Slezáka or Urxova where you can pay by a vending machine or through parkujvklidu.cz application.

Prices in SPINEZIO

Care at SPINEZIO is not covered by public health insurance and is paid individually by clients. We can use points from the Benefity, Edenred a Sodexo and BenefityPlus benefit programs. You can pay with us both cash and credit card.

Individual physiotherapy (assessment, therapy and exercise program; 45-60min.)

Adults 1200,- CZK
Children (0-18 years) 900,- CZK

For long-term care we offer a discounted package 5 + 1.

Adults package 5 + 1 6000,- CZK
Children (0-18 years) package 5 + 1 4500,- CZK

If you are unable to arrive at the booked appointment, please call +420 725 736 026 as soon as possible.


Relaxation massage 60 minutes 1000,- CZK
90 minutes 1500,- CZK
Therapeutic massage - headache and migraines 60 minutes 1000,- CZK

If you are unable to arrive at the booked appointment, please call +420 725 736 026 as soon as possible.